Administrative Division

The Office Administration Division of the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office is comprised of all of the support and secretarial staff for each of the other divisions. It is the largest division of the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office, with 14 staff members. These dedicated individuals keep track of all open cases and the status of each case; act as a liaison between attorneys and law enforcement and the citizens of Trumbull County; assist in scheduling; and help prepare correspondence and legal documents such as answers, complaints, discovery, indictments, and subpoenas and other legal pleadings.

This Division is headed by the Office Manager, Joyce Hoffman, who in addition to providing administrative support to Mr. Watkins, oversees the administrative staff. She is also responsible for maintaining all personnel records, budgetary records, accounting records, annual reports and inventories, ordering all supplies and equipment, meeting with sales persons, arranging business itineraries and making travel arrangements, and all other general office management duties necessary to keep the office operating smoothly on a day to day basis, as well as, coordinating testing and hiring procedures of the secretarial staff.



Christopher D. Becker

First Assistant

Frances A. Hively

Administrative Assistant

Joyce A. Hoffman         

Office Manager

Child Support


Stacey M. Baker       


Rochelle A. Testa        


Kathy L. Thompson           

Assistant Office Manager

Christine M. Pflager              


Civil Division


Sharon L. Dickey                


Darlene Sudol                   


Criminal Division


Joyce A. Hoffman               

Office Manager

Christy R. Lynn                   


Grand Jury


Noele M. Schell                      

Grand Jury Coordinator

Alexa Popovich                  




Michelle K. Adkins

Secretary/Intake Assistant



Danette Manusakis