Civil Division

The Civil Division provides legal representation to all elected county officials and their respective offices. It also provides legal representation to all County Boards and Commissions, the Board of Elections, the Board of Health, the county's townships, and school districts. This division represents all of these entities in matters of litigation in State and Federal Courts, contracts, personnel matters, collection of real estate and personal property taxes owed the County, and rendering general legal advice to all of the County and Township officials. The Civil Division likewise prepares levies for primary and general elections for the townships and school boards.

The Child Support Division, the Real Estate Foreclosure Division and the Tax Collections Division are specialized units within the General Civil Division.

This Division is staffed by 6 attorneys, and their support staff.


Michael J. Fredericka            

Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer

William J. Danso

Chief - Civil Division

Lynn B. Griffith, III            

Civil Division

Jason M. Toth                  

Civil Division

Ryan J. Sanders              

Civil Division

Administrative Staff:

Sharon L. Dickey 


Darlene Sudol