Criminal Division

The Criminal Division represents the citizens of the State of Ohio and Trumbull County in prosecuting criminal cases in our two County Courts (Central District Court in Cortland and the Eastern District Court in Brookfield), the four Trumbull County Common Pleas Courts, and the two Trumbull County Juvenile Courts. This Division also renders legal advice and assistance to our County's different Police Departments, including the Trumbull County Homicide Task Force.

The Child Assault Prosecution Division, Child Pornography/Cyber Abuse Division, Drug Prosecution Division, Gun Violence Prosecution Division, Juvenile Division, and Welfare Fraud Division are specialized units within the General Criminal Division.

Members of the General Criminal Division also serve on the Trumbull County Homicide Task Force, which assists local law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of homicide cases in Trumbull County.

This Division is staffed by 10 attorneys and 2 investigators, along with their support staff.



Ryan J. Sanders

Chief, Appellate Division; Elderly Abuse

Diane L. Barber   

Chief - Child Assault Prosecution Division

Christopher D. Becker

First Assistant & Senior Trial Attorney

Gina Buccino Thomas

Criminal Division Trial Attorney

Michael A. Burnett  

Criminal Division Trial Attorney; DUI/Vehicular Homicide

Deena L. DeVico     

Eastern District Court and Central District Court Prosecutor

Stanley A. Elkins   

Chief - Juvenile Division; Drug Court Prosecutor

Lynn B. Griffith, III  

Welfare Fraud

Charles L. Morrow 

Chief - Criminal Division

Gabriel M. Wildman   

Child Assault Prosecutor & Juvenile Prosecutor





Michael Krafcik

Child Assault Division; Trumbull County Homicide Task Force

Roy Anne Rudolph  

Investigator - Child Assault Division; Child Homicide Division

Administrative Staff:


Joyce A. Hoffman

Office Manager

Christy R. Lynn